Dramatic (short) race in Tassie.

Rick Kelly will miss the remainder of the weekend's action, following a dramatic incident today at Symmons Plains. The #15 Sengled Racing driver was the victim in a multi-car pile up on the second lap of today's race. The incident saw Car 15 hit multiple times, as the on-coming field detonated behind him - eventually blocking the track. The damage to Kelly's Altima was deemed too severe by the team, and tomorrow he will be a spectator for the first time in his Supercars career.

The incident forced the race to be red flagged, and following a lengthy cleanup, it would eventually resume (and conclude) under safety car conditions for two laps. Supercars have since announced that no points would be awarded today.

Todd Kelly had qualified inside the Top 10 for today's race and felt quite fast in the #7 carsales Racing Altima. The shortened race didn’t allow him to climb much further up from his 9th place grid position though, as Kelly would cross the line in 8th.

Michael Caruso qualified for today's event in 24th. At the start of the race, the team elected to change to dry weather tyres on the still damp circuit. As a result, Caruso struggled for grip on the opening lap, with the aim to eventually reel in the leaders. The race didn’t progress long enough for that strategy to be realised though, but the cold dry tyres did mean he would miss the turn four drama.

Simona De Silvestro was another victim of the incident on the second lap, as the #78 Team Harvey Norman entry sustained minor damage to the front of the Altima. It what would be De Silvestro's first wet race in Supercars, she was able to resume and crossed the line in 14th.

Rick Kelly - #15 Sengled Racing
“We’ve seen better days. I’m very lucky with the size of the last impact, but also the 2 or 3 before that. We were very fortunate that one of the significant impacts wasn’t on the driver’s side of the car. Everyone was having a good battle and it ended with 12 cars out of the race. It’s safe to say we won’t be racing tomorrow. I’ve raced every single race since starting in Supercars 16 years ago, so tomorrow will be the first time I watch it from the sidelines. It’s unfortunate, but now we want to get to the bottom of what set it all off. Because we don’t want to see that many cars taken out of a race."

Todd Kelly - #7 carsales Racing
"That was a pretty serious crash. We had a good run with straight cars, but that made up for it with the damage that Rick copped then. It’s good that everyone is okay out of that. As far as things for me, I was keen to have a race today. We were stronger in the wet and much faster than where we qualified. So I was almost going to go down and give them a hand to clean everything up… But we’ll take 8th and go from there.”

Michael Caruso - #23 Nissan NISMO
We were out of position, in terms of where we were on the grid, so we had to try something that was very bold. If the race played out how we thought, the track would dry very quickly. That clearly wasn’t the case, because of the accident. The accident at turn four was very large. Watching the in car footage of the other car hitting Rick definitely made your stomach drop. But I'm really glad to hear that Rick’s okay.”

Simona De Silvestro - #78 Team Harvey Norman
Our start was so-so, but then we made some passes in the one lap that we did. Unfortunately, there was nowhere to go, and we got collected in the carnage. I was lucky that nobody hit me from behind, so I could get out of there and cruise back to the pits. There wasn’t a lot of damage to the car, it was mainly cosmetic. I’m glad nobody got hurt. That was a big hit. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow."

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